6 thoughts on “5XXL Elite – The increase muscle mass! – Reviews”

  • OlaOYeah

    I better join a gym, because I’m afraid of side effects

  • edw15

    Gym and 5XXL is the best combination!
    How about side effects? – you will look like a boaster!

  • adam

    One week and I still don’t see effects, but I don’t give up because another 3 months of treatment ahead

  • Super

    I agree! Without any other supps, but with a balanced diet and 5XXL, I have achieved some really impressive results!

  • hag

    Hey. I have only one muscle, and namely it’s my belly muscle. Who transformed it into a shredder? Those who already used the capsules, please write here.

  • sooo

    So I will achieve this, too. I read a lot of newspapers and bodybuilding books and they write a lot about this product. I read everywhere that it is really increasing metabolism and accelerates muscle growth better than only working out and diets. Finally some decided to make use of it with sense.

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