6 thoughts on “Men Solution Plus – Reviews”

  • Kohlvin

    Man, what bodybuilders are saying that is good. They are hungrig for cash. This capsule are shit, I agree.

  • Wymund

    Guys. don’t let yourself trick into this – better start your workout.

  • Elco

    I totally agree it’s a bad prduct it gives no results. The only result is throwing away money.

  • Pole

    This is not something new or “revelation of the year” – this is just l-arginine which is also available in the supplements of other producers, but not in such “promotional” price: The “promotional” Men Solution costs in Poland 137 PLN for 30 items, normal price 297PLN !!!! For comparison AAKG 1250 Extreme MegaCaps OLIMP 120cap costs “only” 63 PLN.

  • gym

    Men Solution is an expensive trash(I used it, so I know it). Now I started to use Somatodrol, we will see

    • Daniel

      I am thinking about it, too

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