8 thoughts on “Erectic Plus – Preparation for Erectile Dysfunction – Review”

  • KingA

    erectic helped me. I have a better erection and also – how can I see this – I have more power, energy, and even vital, every day

  • RiP

    Working or fraud?????

  • sterlling

    I have succeeded in getting rid of my erectyle dysfunction on a natural basis, without any pills. I’m afraid I won’t tell you it, because I want to make money from it.

  • pilipili

    Good that you have effects at all. On your case you maybe need a longer treatment. For me, a month treatment was enought for my dexterity to come back


    I used it for 2 weeks, was really good, because I could do it 3-4 times in a row without problems. now im single and now i dont use it, but when time should come it will be waiting here for me

  • kalwi

    It works on my husband normally as any other product of this type.

  • somet

    Ignoring errectional problems is the biggest kind of egoism for me. It’s normal that every woman wants a functioning man and nice sex – who don’t care ignores also her and her needs. And that kind of men are not worth the time

  • just5

    I’ve just bought this product, I’m very excited about the results :) I don’t have any big problems, but it can always be worser :D

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